Who we are

Hi, my name is Rasa. I am the designer and the creator of ne.rasa slow fashion sewing studio in Lithuania.

I can’t imagine my life without clothing design. The main focus in the clothes which I design are: functionality, comfort, quality and of course exceptional and interesting design. That’s what I seek to achieve in every of my products.

I always create and sew something for myself, my husband or my baby. We wear those items in everyday life. We see what is missing, what is wrong. I fix it, change it and only the final product is given to you for evaluation.

I believe in Slow fashion and that an purchased clothing item should be worn not just for one season. It should make you happy a lot longer. I love cotton fabric, so a lot of my garments are made of cotton or cotton mix fabric.

I try to throw out as little waste as possible. And to use every fabric to the smallest pieces. so any of it won’t go to waste. From scraps of fabric I am sewing toys for little ones, clothes for our baby and other small kids. I am giving scraps for free to sewing moms. So the fabrics are used down to the last smallest piece.

Warmest wishes,